You will need
  • - a personal form of accounting personnel;
  • - extract from the labor book about the scientific and pedagogical experience;
  • - extracts from the orders about the conduct of educational activities;
  • - extract with the results of voting of the Academic Council;
  • - list of published scientific works.
Check that you meet the requirements to candidates for the rank of associate Professor in the Department whether you are a doctor or candidate of Sciences, at a high professional level teaching at the University, do you have scientific and teaching work, whether you are a author or co-author of the textbook. The candidate for the rank of associate Professor in the Department needs at least a year to work as a human substitute Professor, Dean of faculty, Provost, rector, etc. in the presence of a teaching experience, a Professor may become the winner of international and regional festivals, exhibitions, competitions, holder of honorary titles of the Russian Federation and other republics (people's artist, people's artist, honored art worker, etc.).
To obtain the rank of associate Professor on specialty, in addition to the scientific work experience to fulfill the employment contract of a senior, lead or chief scientific officer, Deputy Director of the research organization or University Department. The candidate for this academic rank shall be published at least 10 scientific papers or inventions.
The decision on the submission of academic titles, was adopted by secret ballot at the Academic Council. If the Council made such a decision, prepare the necessary documents. Also, bring notarized copies of documents on higher education and the document of the candidate or doctor of Sciences, a copy of the certificate of state accreditation of the educational institution.
Specify a complete list of all required documents to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.
Submit documents to the Higher attestation Commission of the Ministry of education and wait for decision. Within 6 months your documents will be considered. About the result of examination of certification documents you will be informed. If a positive decision you will receive a certificate of associate Professor.