Everyone wants to do what he likes, to work is not a burden and a joy. If you intend to be a teacher in high school, feel free to go to her. To achieve such difficult but nothing is impossible. The first thing you need to learn, you should study well. Without the knowledge here.
If you will study well and finish with honors, you will have great chances to go to graduate school. There, training lasts for three years, after which you will have to defend the thesis. Then follows the title of associate Professor, after which any institution where you want specialist your area will be happy to accept you into their ranks.
If you for any other reason want to work in the University, where a parallel study, then do so: first go to the Dean's office of your Department, ask the Secretary, if required to work technicians. If successful, go to the administration of your school. Write the application addressed to the rector that wish to get a technician to help to any teacher. Before doing this ask the Dean to write you a testimonial and letter of recommendation. Then the rector will approve your candidacy for the position, and you can get to work.
If while studying at the University you were interested in student life and was in professional Committee you can nominate yourself for the chair. If you are elected, after graduation, the rector will meet you and will be allowed to remain at the University as President of the Union. And you'll continue to engage as a student and social life.