Differences in duration of training

Currently, in the conventional system of Russian higher education there is a division of graduates bachelors, specialists and masters. It turns out that between the three academic ranks, there is a significant difference. It is primarily in the duration of training.

It is considered that students learn in exactly 5 years. This is true for graduates and professionals. For bachelors study duration is 4 years old. The master's degree must study in higher education for 6 years.

Not for each specialty there is a choice of duration of training and, consequently, the academic title. To find out which method of learning you choose to are interested in majoring in selected University, you need to contact the Dean's office. There you can find out for yourself all the questions.

For admission to the school the student is not obliged immediately to determine the duration of the study and its focus. Finally make the decision will need to be at the end of the 4th year. It was at this time the student can either graduate with a bachelor's degree or to continue studying at the University. If the student wants to learn to be a specialist, he will study 1 more year. If he wants to become a master in my University he will have to stay another 2 years.

The quality and specificity of knowledge of bachelors, masters and specialists

Bachelor can not be considered a person who has received higher education. Most likely, the completion of a bachelor degree will be equated with incomplete higher education. Despite this, some students choose to obtain a bachelor's degree and to complete the training.

Specialist - people who have completed higher education. It can work on a specialty, but his knowledge is not enough for scientific work. The duration of training of the specialist less than the master, but the quality of knowledge not worse. Such graduates are more likely to work in production. The knowledge gained in graduate courses, will be useful for further work in the field of science. As a rule, graduates of the master then go to graduate school.

A master's degree will be useful when entering some foreign educational institutions. In accordance with the laws of several other States, only the end of magistracy is counted as higher education.