The most widely intercoms Vizit, so it will be just them. To open doors you must have a programmed key. If the key is lost, broken or simply not there, you can use the standard code - *#4230, 67#890 or 12#345. But this works only if you have configured the intercom was not changed by the installers.
If you want to reprogram the intercom to enter the service menu to dial the following combination: #999 - will beep 2 times - 12345 (the master code, the default will beep 1 time. Bitonal signal you will hear only if the master code is incorrect, i.e. changed installers. Actually Matera-codes may vary - do not be upset if heard bitonal signal, try to use other built-in master-codes: 6767, 3535, 9999, 0000, 12345, 11639.
After you entered the service mode, you can do a series of operations for reprogramming of the intercom. The sequential set of the following combinations: 2 - pause - # - pause - 3535 (or other master code) – you can set an individual code of the apartment. Set of 3 in the top - team for programming of keys for entry, and 4 - erase all keys from memory. Note: * you will exit from the mode used, and # - confirm the installation.
In order to independently set or change code on the intercom, without breaking the intercom, you must have a partner who will dial the number of your apartment on the block. As soon as the call came to the apartment, pick up the phone and within five seconds, six times quickly, press the button to open the lock. Please note that when you click on the unit should turn on the indicator light "Come in". Once you are in the sixth and last time clicked on the phone button to Open the door" on the unit will turn on the indicator Dial the number of the apartment." Then the intercom once beep that is a signal recording a new individual code of the apartment. This code is typed in on the block.
After the end of the set, your partner must tell you about the end of the set on the intercom, then you need to click the "Open the door" in the tube or the block tube. Once the code is written you will hear a beep confirming the entry of a new individual code of the apartment, then you need to hang up in the holder.
If you want to disable individual code of the apartment, simply enter the code 0000, the call of the apartment when you dial her number with the block on the door will continue.