Dial the call block the number of the apartment or office. For the implementation of the reprogramming you will need two people – one will be directly in the apartment/office next to the CPC, the other is on the outside of the building near the call block, by entering the new personal code.
Once in the apartment/office the call came, clear intercom handset UKP. On UKP for five or six times press and release either button to open the lock of the door. Each time you press the button on the call unit shall be switched off, the indicator "wait for reply", and activate the indicator "enter". After the sixth time is pressed and released on UKP the open door button, the call block is activated, the indicator dial of the apartment, then the single signal sounds, which confirms the willingness to record a new personal code. In all of this duplex mode of communication is stored, to allow operators to control the process.
Enter an individual code a new on the block call. After that, inform the man in the apartment/office on the other side of the intercom about the end of the introduction of the code.
Click on UKP the open door button in order for the value of the new individual code recorded in the memory unit of the call. It will sound a single alarm, which will confirm the entry of a new individual code.
Put the intercom handset UKP in the holder. To turn off individual code of the apartment, you will need to dial the code "0000". In this case, off set by individual code only this apartment, but the apartment call when you dial her number on the intercom continues. Thus it is possible to reprogram the intercom personally for yourself and protect yourself and family from unwanted intrusion into the building.