Each model intercom your way in service mode, so it is best to consider the process of reprogramming a specific example, take the Vizit intercoms To open the door you must have the key. If your key is lost, you can use the standard code, for example, *#4230 or 67#890, or 12#345. As a rule, it works because the settings of the intercom master does not change during installation.
If you really had the need to reprogram the intercom, you will need сн0430ала to get into the service menu. Dial #999. Wait until piknet 2 times. Now enter 12345 and wait until piknet 1 time. If the master code (12345) you have dialed the wrong, you will hear a bitonal signal. Try to score different from a standard master codes: 6767 or 3535, 9999, or 0000, or 12345 11639.
You entered the service mode. Consistently dial the following combination: 2 - pause - # - pause - master-code. So you set the code of the apartment: 3 first - team programming key-entry, 4 - erase all keys from memory * exits the mode to use, # confirm the installation.
You can change the code of the intercom system without hacking, if you use a partner who will take to dial the apartment on the block. The call will go to the apartment, remove his pipe. Now, for five seconds six times press the button "Open door."
Each time you press the button, you should see the words "Come in". After the last time pressing the handset button to open the lock on the unit shall default to include the command "Dial the number of the apartment." Wait until the intercom beep 1 time. This is a signal to write new code of your apartment. Enter the code on the block.
At the end of the set have your partner tells you this, then you click the "Open the door". Once the entry code will be, you should hear a beep to confirm the recording of a new individual code of your apartment. Now hang up in the holder.
If you need to disable the code in the door, then enter four zeros, with the call of the apartment, dialing her number on the door will continue.