Wait, when the neighbors would open the door for you. The easiest and less energy-consuming way is to wait when one of the occupants of the staircaseand open the door from the inside or outside. This option is only if you are interested in the entrancee is home to a lot of people. If your house has only two floors and therefore not very many apartments, you'll be waiting for too long and better to use a different strategy for getting into the entrance.
A shout or knock on the window of your household or neighbors. In General, you need to attract the attention of those people in the right entrancee, which can open the door and not be angry that you distract them from some important lessons.This strategy is best used just in low-rise buildings. Well, if your apartment is not on a very high floor. As a variant – it is possible to throw a snowball at the window. However, you need to calculate the forces, so as not to break. This method is suitable only if the court of winter. At other times try to attract attention in other ways.
Carefully read the combination lock. If you need to get to the entrance, which is a combination lock, and the code you forgot, lost or just don't know, look closely at the buttons. Usually those that are most often hit, scuffed, so it is easy to calculate the required figures. Further, there are several scenarios. If your staircasee is a combination lock, the keys which need to press at the same time, you're in luck – click all keys wiped and calmly go inside. If you need to dial numbers in sequence, you will have to sort through multiple options, and preferably the incorrect record. It is possible, for the time while you fumble with the lock, someone will open the door from the inside or outside. Although, if you are not lucky, vigilant tenants can call security who will investigate why you don't remember the code from your castle.