You will need
  • - intercom;
  • - new key.
Will encode the keyand the intercom brand Raimann. To enter the menu, click key,and then enter sequentially the numbers from 9 to 4. Wait for the sound. Next, enter the numbers 1 to 6. On the screen you should see the letter R. To move in the menu select a key from 2 to 8 (2 – settings in which you can go to program the key).
Go to the service menu intercom VIZIT, dial #99 then beeps. Then enter the code 1234, wait for the tone. To enter menu programming keyher press 3. Next, enter the number of the apartment, attach the key to the intercom, dial # to save the changes, then * to exit from the settings menu of the intercom. If there are no keys "stars" and "grids" are used instead of the buttons C and K.
Will encode the keyto her intercom Dev. To do this, click on the call 41, further challenge 1410.2, type 3 7054. Click on any figure, hold until the. In the menu you can record in the memory of your intercom key. To do this, press 5, then enter the number of the apartment, will appear on the screen button Touch.
Attach the key. It will be recorded in the intercom memory. All of the methods described will work in that case, if firm-installer was not changed the default settings, which is unlikely. As practice shows,it happens quite rarely.
Will encode the keyto her intercom Eltis. To log in to the system menu, press the button, keep it pressed for 7 seconds. Enter the system password (1234). The screen will show the firmware will be downloaded and the menu. Dial the number, hit "In".
Next will be the command, hold the key. On the screen appears Add if you haven't coded keyand for this apartment. Or apartment number, if the encoding has already been performed. To open the door with this key, you can immediately after you exit the menu system.