You will need
  • - screwdriver
Entrances to recode a combination lock
To replace a code from the outside of the door, you must completely dismantle the lock. So change the code to the combination lock of this type is recommended when the door is open, with its inner side. In this case, you will just need to remove the rear panel of the locking device without removing the entire lock from the door. To gain access to kolerovochny plates you need to Unscrew the 4 screws which fix the protective cover lock. Carefully inspect the plate slightly protruding their lock case. Each of these plates has a small cut. The sections of plates on the buttons included in the code combination is directed into the body of the castle, and sections of the plates of the buttons are not participating in the codeword - out.
To change code you need to remove the plates that are included in real code combination and turning them, set so that from the slicers looked out. Select the desired code combination. Extract the appropriate plate. Flip them so that their cuts to the inside locking device. Insert the plate into the castle. Secure the cover to lock with the screws. The lock recoded. You should pay attention that for opening the locking device of this type can be any combination of your chosen numbers. Suppose your chosen numbers "3", "4", "5". Suitable combinations: "345", "354", "435", "453" etc.
In some types of code barcodereader locks to change the code you need to change the special plug-in unit.
In other types of locks, providing for the recoding to change the code you need to do some operations. Open the door and fully extend the bars of the lock. Locate the hole on the end face of the lock and insert the special perekopirovannye key. A little "press" the key in the hole and rotate it counterclockwise until it clicks. Please note that while working with key strictly forbidden to touch the bars of the lock. Perekopirovannye remove the key from the lock. Insert the "new" key and slide the bars of the lock. The first turnover will hear a click and the lock is recoded into the "new" key.