You will need
  • - instructions for use of the safe;
  • - handle;
  • - a sheet of paper.
Read the instructions and check the opening mechanism of the safe. Try to close and open a new safe using factory code from the user.
Proceed to change the code. Open the safe door, not closing it, lock the lock. To make 4-5 complete revolutions of the code disk in a counterclockwise direction. Enter the factory combination code (it is indicated in the instructions, as a combination for the first shift code), also specify in the instructions the number of times to rotate the drive mechanism and the rotation direction. For example, a possible procedure:
- rotate the mechanism handle counterclockwise to lock figure 10 opposite to the working label. Repeat the procedure 4 times;
- turn the knob clockwise the arrow, set the figure 20 on the contrary the working label. Repeat the procedure 3 times;
- turn the knob counter-clockwise, opposite of the working marks install figure 30, do this 2 times.
Insert into the hole located on the inner side of the safe door, special key until it stops, then turn it 90 degrees clockwise. Leave key in this position while installing the code.
Refer to the instructions, familiarize yourself with the requirements of the manufacturer to set the code. Invented write code on paper not to forget. Do the following actions (for the different safes they can vary, please check the user manual):
- turn the knob of the mechanism for setting the code counter-clockwise and set opposite to a level change code the first digit of the new code. Repeat this procedure 4 times;
- rotate the handle mechanism in a clockwise direction, set the second digit set of code in front of the marker to change the code, do this 3 times;
- turn the knob counter-clockwise, opposite mark for changing code to fix a third figure asked code, repeat the procedure 2 times.
Return to the previous position of the special key and turn it counterclockwise 90 degrees, then pull it out. This change of code is completed.