You first need to decide the supporters and opponents of the installation of intercomin the stairwell. This is important because the cost of the work and the device is divided into a number of flats in the entrance. The door and intercom system is collectively owned and their acquisition needs to participate. As a rule, those who refuse to pay, pay the rest agreed. All people get 2 of the electronic key and detailed instruction manual for the intercom. Those people who refused to pay for the installation of intercomand intercom in the apartment there never will be as long as they will pay the debts of the other tenants.
Next you need to define a list with necessary number of electronic keys for each apartment. Two keys are issued for free, but every additional must be paid according to the tariffs of the company, establishing the intercom.
You then need to collect money from tenants and to issue the relevant documents. The contract is concluded with the person representing all of the tenants. He must come to the firm with the passport. Representative, usually do not need to pay for installation of intercom.
For the contract you need to Deposit 50 % of the total cost of works and materials, which includes: installation of intercomand door, installation of devices for negotiations in the apartments, 2 of the electronic key for each apartment and the manual intercomand, installation, inspection and connection of the equipment and warranty for 1 year on equipment.