You will need
  • - telephone sets;
  • - intercom;
  • keys;
  • the phone number for the company.
Contact the company that you can trust. The first step is to place the electronic key for the intercom in memory, this should be done after having carried out the programming of the offer of subscriber devices. Thus, the lock will respond only on "your" key, which was in advance stored in the memory device. Through the process of programming keys it is possible to increase the degree of security the front door, thereby preventing unauthorized access to the entrance.
As a rule, electronic keys, and the intercom must be programmed during installation of the device in the entrance. Moreover, as needed, store in the memory the intercom new record keys. After programming, store in memory the settings of the castle. At this stage you need to set the switch-on time of the Electromechanical installation, or disconnection of the electromagnet.
If you have to deal with different types of locks, this value can vary significantly – from a few seconds to half a minute. Test key from the intercom: a device must respond to a specific key and not to react in case of contact with a different type of key.