The principle of operation of the intercom is simple: the visitor typed on the keyboard the apartment number and press the call button, the signal goes through the switch and goes to the right apartment. The call arrives at the subscriber device from which the owners voice message can inquire about the identity of the coming, the purpose of the visit, and then click to open the locking device entrance door.To get in the door, equipped with an intercom, in several ways, first, using a special magnetic key that has some coding. The key next to the reader, the door opens. Second, as described earlier by calling on the intercom of the subscriber which button you will open the door. Thirdly, after entering a certain code on the keypad to enter the intercom menu.
However, very often the keys to the intercom is lost, and the intercoms are broken. How to get into the house in this case? Well, if the locking device is electromagnetic. It just keeps the door closed. When long pressed hard on the door she opens. You can also put a foreign object between the plates of the castle.
To turn off the intercom independently in several ways. It all depends on the brand of your device. For example, intercom Vizit can be disabled from the street, pressing and holding the * (asterisk) for a few seconds. The device is switched off for 10 minutes.
To disable the intercom is possible, unplugging it from the power supply. Usually it is powered by obschedomovoy network. The intercom unit is installed in sectorwide on the first floor or between floors. Open the flap and unplug the intercom toggle.
The most common method of disabling a software intercom is off. To do this, enter the menu system intercom with keypad on the door, then disable it. Each brand of intercom has its own shutdown logic. Usually it know the master, install and configure intercoms. But if you want this information you can find on the Internet.