You will need
  • - intercom;
  • - telephone sets;
  • keys;
  • - the phone number a specialized company.
In case of loss or breakage of the key of the intercom find the coordinates of the company which made the installation of intercom and make application for calling a technician. Key programming from the intercom system implies the existence of code that finds and saves in the memory system. The key contains only one code value, which corresponds to a specific lock.
Follow the sequence performed by the company's representative works. Personal number included in the memory device must match the phone number of the apartment or the callee. This is necessary to avoid mistakes when calling.
Check a signal is received when dialing on the keypad of the intercom. Check that specialist supports the company programmed the key from the intercom. This should be done only once in a non-volatile memory included individual number of the subscriber. Key programming increases the degree of safety of the front door and prevents access to the entrance of outsiders. Test key from the intercom: the electronic device responds to a particular key and does not fire when in contact with another key.
Ask the master that programmed the key from the intercom, the system settings, in particular, the duration and the tonality of the signal, existing restrictions on the duration of negotiations and a reset function call. Depending on the model intercom the accuracy of the settings may differ slightly.