For opening the intercom of the "Barrier" model 2 and 2 enter the code for the opening 1013. By the way, it can not be changed even customer service. In addition, all the models opened up two small magnets, if you hold the area for attachment of the chip. With the exception of intercom type of "Barrier-4". He does not have a service code to open, and the number of magnets in the chip – 3.
To open the intercom VIZIT try standard codes *#4230 or 12#345. The latest models can have the code *#423 or 67#890. If this does not work, log in to the service menu with the code #999, wait for two short beeps and enter master code 1234. If the intercom has already been opened, the alarm sound will be single. When there is an invalid master code, the audio will be two-tone. In addition, the master codes can be 6767, 3535, 9999, 0000, 12345, 11639. Then to open the door, enter the deuce, after a pause, the grate and after another pause 3535.
To open the intercom CYFRAL, if at the entrance there is an apartment number, a multiple of 100, press the call button, and then the apartment number, a multiple of 100. After that, press the button again vychova and enter the master code 2323, 7272, or 7273. For modifications CYFRAL-M try pressing the call key and enter 41 or 1410. In rare cases, the door opens when you enter the combination 07054.
To open the intercom CCD-2094М dial 0000 and press the call button. The display should display the inscription in COD. Then enter the master code 123456, 456999 or 123400 and press the call key of the apartment. If done correctly, after 5 seconds the screen appear the words F0 and you will only need to enter the code of the opening 601.
To open the intercom CCD-2094.1 M press the call button and enter 0000. This immediately opens the door, either there will be input in the service menu. In the second case, the display will light up the inscription ON and you just press the number 2. In the case that light up the lettering OFF, then the access codes changed.
To open the door with intercom ELTIS hit the call button, then enter the number 100, then the call button and then the master code 7273 or 2323. If this option did not work, try to open it, such as for intercoms CYFRAL CCD.
Open the intercom panel by using the following method: press the call button, then the number of the first apartment in the entrance and call button again. After appearing on the screen of COD labels enter the combination 5702. Some models can be unlocked 65535+call button+1234+call button+ 8 1234+ call button+6+ call button+4568.
Model METAKOM MK-20 M/T open using a combination of: call button+27+call button+5702. Also can approach the combination of: call button+1+call button+4526. To enter programming mode hold the reader chip without EEPROM.
Intercom RAINMANN 2000 open by clicking the icon key followed by the introduction of the code 987654. After the double beeps enter the sequence 123456. The screen should display the letter R. Now to open door, press eight.
Door opener with intercom brand DOMOGUARD press the button and after the beep, quickly enter the service code 669900+call button+ apartment number following the last in the entrance. After appearing on-screen label F--- type code 080.
For opening the intercom of the T-GUARD, press the call key, then enter five zeros and once again press the call key twice. It is important to all of depression, especially the last two, to do this very quickly.
Opening the intercom FACTORIAL, enter a combination of six zeros or 123456. This is a standard service codes, but they in most cases are modified during the installation. If so, press and hold button 5 until the advent service message on the display. Then enter 180180+call button+4+call button.
Single electronic phone entry system has automatic BLINK codes. Take the battery of type "Crone" or "Emery" or any other battery, the relevant European standard 6F22. Under the lower panel, locate palsboll that exactly match the connector on the battery and attach it to these bolts.