You will need
  • the key to open the door with intercom.
Each intercom has its own "route" to the service center. For example, before you intercom "factorial". To enter its service menu, type the six-digit code, "guard": this can be either six zeros or the combination "123456". If the action taken after the door is unlocked, try pressing the "5" (hold three to five seconds): the display should indicate a service message. Then dial "180180", then click "call", then dial "4" and again press the button "call".
If the front door intercom Vizit to get into the service menu, dial "#999" and wait for two short beeps, and then boldly enter the master code (typically a combination consisting of four numbers "1234"), in response to which the device must react with a short squeak. If you entered the master code was wrong, the signal, which will publish the intercom is two-tone.
Alternately dial other number combinations: "9999", "6767", "12345", "3535", "11639" and "0000" (one of the combinations are just perfect). Entering the service menu, you will be able to open the door and put the new code. While in the service menu, press 2 and then pause and click on the "#", then after a short pause dial "3535" (after these steps, the door opens). If you click on the button "3", then you will be able to "programming" key.
After clicking this button, move your key to the reader of the security device and press the button "#", then wait for the beeps, indicating that your key is again listed in the intercom memory.