You will need
  • Organizational skills
Take on the role of the organizer. As an organizer, you are in a winning situation, since the majority of firms that establish intercoms make organizer discount sometimes covering your costs completely.
Survey the tenants to determine supporters and opponents of the installation of a metal door and intercom. The fact that the cost of the work and the necessary equipment in the end divided by the number of apartments in the entrance. If someone will refuse to install, others will have to pay for them. Refused the installation of intercomand tenants will receive two electronic keys, but left without a communication device.
Make a list of participants, which specify the number of electronic keys required for each apartment. Usually two keys you get for free, and for more will have to pay. Provide additional keys for the postman and the cleaning if necessary.
With the participation of the representative of the company engaged in the installation of intercomand calculate the amount needed for installation. Divide the desired amount by the number of participants and put her on the list-statement. Now you can start collecting funds from tenants, involved in the process of installing an intercom.
Call the company representative of the installer for the production of required measurements and agreement for installation and maintenance of intercom. The contract will be signed with the representative of the tenants, in this case with you. For registration of the contract will require your passport. When signing a contract make sure it includes a list of works and terms of their implementation and the responsibility of the parties for breach of contract.
Make a specified percentage of the total cost of work and materials (usually 50%). The remaining part of the Deposit after fulfillment of contractual obligations. Don't forget to give the tenants the keys the intercom. Now your porch is protected from access by unauthorized persons.