You will need
  • - rubber gloves;
  • - rubber or leather string;
  • harsh thread;
  • - hot water;
  • - sharp scissors;
  • - pliers.
The most difficult to access fragile bottle of perfume. Vintage perfume often equipped with a ground stopper, which firmly sticks to the bottle, uncorking it in the conventional way impossible. Do not try to use force - sensitive bubble just crack in your hands.
Place the bottle in the freezer by wrapping it with a cloth and a bottle with a cork against the wall for maximum cooling. After 10-15 minutes, remove the perfume from the fridge. Non-slip wear rubber gloves and try to open the bottle. Most likely, the tube will be.
You can try another way. Between the cork and the neck of the bottleand wrap a thin but durable rubber or leather lace. Pour the place the windings warm water. If the tube is not started, continue to wind the cord. It works as a soft lever to gradually move the cover firmly seated.
If the cord is not found, take a harsh thread. Fold of her loop, put on the neck of the vial and rapidly move back and forth to warm the intersection of tube and bottle. You can gently knock the pencil on the neck – this will help to remove the cap.
Sometimes mechanical methods of influence do not help. Try the other options. Lower whimsical bottle upside down in a container filled with vodka or alcohol. After a few hours try to open the tube.
Loose plastic or metal screw cap open otherwise. Pour the neck of the bottle with hot water. If after that the cover does not budge, wrap it with a cloth, gently grab with pliers and turn. So you can open the bottlewith nail Polish or pharmacy medicines.
No less complex case – otkuporke bottleand closed by a sealed lid out of aluminum foil. She's usually a very tightly crimped on the neck of the bottle. To gain access to its contents and not to injure your fingers, carefully incise the aluminium on top, from the soft rubber tube. Keep the blade of the scissors to the edge. Completely cutting the metal cover on one side, gently remove it from the bottle. To protect hands from possible injury, this procedure is best done in rubber gloves.