It is best to replace the battery in a specialised workshop. First, independently changing the battery, you can damage the hull, which most modern watches offer not just. Secondly, you can put low quality battery, while in the workshop experts will advise you on a reliable and durable option that is best suited for your hours. Only large shops can ensure that procured items they supply not fake.
In the workshop, the expert should not only replace one battery to another, but also to check the battery that is replaced; to check the clock on the current consumption; to determine the exact time; to ensure tightness. Some watches require after replacement to make contact in a certain place, to start the clock.
If you decide to change the battery in the watch yourself, pay attention to the following rules. Experts recommend using only batteries of silver oxide. Most reliable firms – Sony, Varta, Maxell.
Remove the back cover of the watch. Usually it is necessary to use a thin knife, prising them cover in the place where there is a special recess. Look at the number of batteries and always change into the same.
Most often the battery should be installed so that the room was upstairs. In any case, check the polarity and install battery clearly on it.
As a rule, the period of work of high quality batteries designed for two or three years, but this figure is affected by the size of the battery and clock type.