Prepare the workplace, which will disassemble the watch. Lay on the table a large white sheet, select a table lamp with bright light. Set a few boxes in which you will put all details of the movement in order not to lose. This requires structural elements to be added separately, which will subsequently allow for much easier to collect back the clock. You can also prepare a camera. You should not rely on one's memory, photograph each stage of disassembly of the mechanism.
Disconnect the bracelet from the watch and put it aside along with the bolts. Inspect the structure of the watch. If it is mounted on the latch, use a screwdriver with a thick blade or a knife that will pry the mount open the case. If the housing is threaded, first it is necessary to clear away accumulated per time dust and dirt. This can be done with gasoline, do not use water, which can rust the mechanism.
Unscrew threaded ring by means of powerful forceps. Open the case, first carefully read the timer and take a picture, then get it out after removing the crown.
Place the watch on a sheet of paper the glass down. Examine the crown. Do not try to Unscrew. Inspect the place where the crown shaft enters the case. Near this place in some models there is a small pin in the middle. Tap it a handy tool while simultaneously pulling in the direction of the winding lever. As a result, the head will be disconnected. There are also models in which instead of the pin includes a screw. In this case, it is necessary to rotate half a turn and go to get the crown.
Will ostavite the crown back into the movement as soon as I get it out of the case. It will take you further in the analysis of other parts. Inserted this element in the same manner as removed.