You will need
  • A thin tool, such as: awl, nail, paper clip or a needle
Castle metal bracelet watch has a spare hole for the sleeve that allows you to change the length of the bracelet. Sleeve has a spring inside that pushes one of its ends to the outside. Using a thin tool, place the tip inside the sleeve and pull the sleeve from the lock of the bracelet. Secure the grommet in a different location.
If the length of the bracelet is still too large, you can shorten it by removing unnecessary links. A few of the extreme links of the bracelet will be removed if you push a thin tool pin that binds them. Please note, the bracelet can be arrows indicating which direction to push the pin.
Removing unnecessary links, you need to connect the severed ends of the braceletby inserting the back pin. The tool may leave scratches on the bracelet, so you need to work with special care. This work can be ordered at the service centers.