You will need
  • Phillips and flat screwdriver;
  • Emery cloth No. 380;
  • A cotton swab;
  • Paper napkins or towels;
  • New battery.
If possible, check to see if the clock hands come in contact with glass. Next, inspect the arrows on the object you touch them with the watch case or with each other. Slightly bend anything hands if they are touching. But do not overdo it. Often these simple actions is enough to fix watches.
If this does not help the above steps, place your fingers ring clockwise, so little to move it forward if it is too close to the dial.
To access the battery, Unscrew on the back panel of your watch all the cogs. Although often cover the battery rests on plastic clips, not screws.
Now remove the battery from the compartment hours, and then check both for any obvious signs of corrosion, which normally appears on the contacts. Loose rust can be removed with a wet paper towel or towel. Then use a cotton ear swab or a cotton swab to get rid of the rust under the battery and contacts in the corners. The rust that is still left, remove it with sandpaper. This is a very important step. Try not to damage anything other than rust.
Getting rid of the corrosion, clean the battery compartment with a damp napkin. Then take a dry cloth and remove her remaining moisture from all places. Place in the corners and under the contacts batteries dry cotton swab.
Install a new battery (or batteries) of the desired type. And note that the positive terminal of the installed battery coincided with the positive contact. Now install the cover for the batteries in place. If after that the watch does not work, then it is better to include the master, so he replaced the whole quartz movement.