Specify in advance. Every person have a right to receive information about your status in the queue for housing, including the order of the room. In the housing Department of administration of your area are required to provide such information upon request.
Make a written request. It is necessary to prepare two copies, one of which, with the date of adoption and the signature will remain with you, the other will be considered in the housing Department.
You can also send a request for promotion of your queue in the mail by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. In the housing Department of administration of your area will have to submit a written response not later than one month after acceptance of your application.
Use online services. To simplify the system and to operate the waiting list currently created electronic database containing detailed information about the ordinal room of your queues, and generally allowing'll make sure your name is registered in the unified register of waiting. Besides, you can check the objectivity of the other information that is needed for the apartment: the date of the Department of housing policy, the number of family members and the preferred place of residence.
Also you can make sure that it has a valid data area of housing. For example, whether you are applying for genuine "meters" or agree to personally engage in the search for housing, using public housing certificate. It's enough to make the appropriate form in your passport details and the system will give you the answer. The database is continually updated.
It should be noted that the entrance to the e-base is pretty protected. Unfortunately, such a database is not established in all regions. So many still have to submit written requests in person or by sending letters.