The right to obtain personal housing area have the soldiers in their families who do not have their apartment. In addition, you may qualify for housing, if that is where you live, does not meet the standards for area per family member is old and deemed unsuitable for living.
Contact the state registry for a statement about whether you have a different housing. Remember: when you call don't need to specify the subject of the Russian Federation, if you have relatives in another region of Russia. In this case, information will be provided in all regions. If you want to speed up the process of receipt of the statement, specify the specific regions. This can be done in any branch of the Federal reserve.
Independently calculate whether your apartment in which you reside, the norm of 18 square meters per person. This takes into account the General living area of the apartment. Thus, the family of a soldier of three people is the apartment total area of 54 square meters. If your rank of Lieutenant Colonel and above, you must provide an additional area the size 10-25 sq. m.
Contact the passport office or the housing controls to get a certificate of family composition. Next, you will need to contact the BTI for the cadastral plan of the apartment in which you reside.
In that case, if the apartment where you reside, does not belong to you, take the contract of social or commercial hiring of habitation and contact the commander of the military unit. This will be enough for housing. It is important that the property you did not have their own housing.
In addition, you can qualify for your own apartment, if the length of your service in the armed forces of the Russian Federation is 20 years or more, or if you are retired, having 10 years of experience. To do this, refer to the command of a military unit for setting you on the account with all the collected documents. All information about you will be transferred to the Ministry of defense of Russia, and you will be entered in the waiting list.