Advice 1: How to obtain housing with a disabled child

Housing for a family with a childwith a disability should be guided by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from 27.07.96. No. 901, and Federal law № 48, article 4563. The regulations of these laws were approved the rules of providing housing for people with disabilities and families with children with disabilities. In accordance with the measures on social protection of these social groups and aid in their adaptation, each subject of the Federation should do everything to facilitate the provision of housing and other benefits.
How to obtain housing with a disabled child
You will need
  • -the statement;
  • -the documents proving the identity;
  • -proof of income;
  • -extract from the house register;
  • statement of the account;
  • -extract from the cadastral passport (if has housing);
  • -copy of cadastral plan;
  • -certificate of disability;
  • -a copy of the rehabilitation program;
  • -certificate on family composition;
  • -marriage certificate or divorce.
To a family with a disabled child, put on a preferential queue for social housing, you have to be poor and needing improvement of living conditions. Also put on the waiting list families whose housing does not meet sanitary and hygienic standards, is old and dilapidated or if the family lives in cramped conditions in one apartment with other tenants.
For people with disabilities and families with children with disabilities set your standards of living space per person. Determines their each subject of the Russian Federation independently.
In turn, you can stand as the place of residence and place of work. The law also allows for a situation where persons with disabilities or families with disabled children will stand in two lines.
For registration one must submit an application on a special form, which is issued on the spot. It is necessary to attach the required documents. Need to extract from the house register, statement of account, certificate of disability, copy of the rehabilitation program. If the family has housing, you need to take the extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral plan.
If a family has enough living space for your stay, the local municipality can assist in the relocation of disabled people from the upper floors of the house on the bottom.
If the disabled person is placed in a state institution for the care and detention, the right to housing remains for 6 months, then it is lost and the apartment transfer to another needy disabled, or families with a childwith a disability.
Persons who were brought up in boarding schools for children with disabilities, have the right to housing the queue to 18 years.

Advice 2: How to get an apartment, if the child is disabled

The appearance in the family of a child with a certain degree of disability involves the provision of additional benefits and the arming of all in solving the housing problem. Of course, the apartment is quite intimidating, as it involves gathering necessary documentation and circulation on various instances.
How to get an apartment, if the child is disabled
You will need
  • documents on disability
Families that have children with disabilities must prove the need to improve housing conditions. This is achieved by inviting the special Commission for the inspection of the premises and agreement with the rules. Experts examine the living conditions of families with disabled and compared with acceptable standards of living.
The positive response of the fee involves the registration in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. After the registration is determined by the time interval during which the state authorities are obliged to provide housing area.
Registration requires the submission of necessary documents, which confirm the child's disability and the reasons for obtaining new housing. As a rule, grounds to issue the apartment are mismatch the current home health standards and safety standards, the presence on the territory of one apartment to several families with sick children, staying in hostels of any kind (except by reason of temporary work in the company), a longer stay in the leased territory and other situations.
Any actions of the Commission are carried out in accordance with the applicable laws of the state. The government is trying by all means to make life easier for troubled families, providing various subsidies and incentives for the use of the services. Each case is considered separately, allowing you to more intelligently and fully appreciate the living conditions of each family with a disabled child.
Useful advice
At the request of the legal representative of the child unit can be replaced by an equivalent apartment cost level and total area. Reasons for replacement, most often, be making your child more comfortable stay (close to the rehabilitation center, changing the number of storeys, etc.).
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