Find out whether the pensioner under one of these categories: disabled veteran, a resident of the besieged Leningrad, participated in the war (including a family member). However, just to apply for housing you can not, there is one restriction: the applicant must be in need of new housing. For example, do not have enough of our own living space, to live in emergency house, not subject to repair, or not to have your own apartment.
Join in the application by contacting the administration at the place of residence. Make a copy of your passport, because it is submitted with the application. No additional information is required, the collection of all other documents will do the employees of the municipality.
After the application is approved, the retiree will provide either a subsidy for housing or ready-made apartment.
To get on the waiting list can and military pensioners sent to the reserve for health reasons or retired on reaching the maximum lifetime. Citizens who are under one of these categories, are entitled to monetary compensation, at the conclusion of the contract of social hiring or housing in property. We shouldn't forget about one requirement: the pensioner should not be an apartment, bought with their own money.
To obtain the certificate, provide to the Department of Management housing policy Housing the following documents: passport, pension certificate, military ID, statement and documents, which confirm the lack of their own homes.
Turn registration will be made after acceptance and submission of an application. Then pensioners receive a certificate. However, one should not hesitate with its use because it is only valid for a limited time (only 3 months).