You will need
  • A certificate of registration for 10 years. For all family members.
  • Description of housing in 5 years.
  • A copy of the deed of the apartment in which you reside.
  • A copy of security certificates, for those who book living space.
  • A copy of sanitary passport. For those who live in the dorms.
  • Certificate of registration, characteristics of housing and the certificate of the right to property, to a spouse residing in another territory.
  • Reference from place of work (for all workers).
  • Copies and originals of documents: marriage, divorce, birth of children, death. Originals and copies of preferential certificates (if any).
  • Passport, military ID, pension card, birth certificate (for children).
  • Folder–a folder, envelope.
According to the article No. 52 of the housing code, paragraph 3, in order to get on the waiting list need to contact the local authorities at the place of registration.
Provide a list of required documents, including confirming that your family needs improvement of living conditions.
After reviewing your documents, you give the answer in written form about the number of your turn.
Also you may need other documents. For those who live in the hostel or service apartment, you will also need a copy of the employment record and the petition of the enterprise on the provision of accommodation; an act of the interdepartmental Commission, if homes deemed unfit for future residence.