You will need
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - proof of income;
  • - the act of inspection of housing for 5 years;
  • - a certificate of residency for 10 years;
  • - a certificate of value of the property;
  • - a certificate of single mothers;
  • - information on dangerous infectious diseases in the mother or child;
  • - a document confirming the disability of the mother or the child;
  • - certificate of family composition.
But the apartment can only be obtained on a common basis in order of General priority. No benefits in free housing now single mothers there. Each of the 49 categories, among whom were single mothers, removed from the list of beneficiaries.
In the preferential list to obtain an apartment out of turn can get, if a mother or child with disabilities (Government resolution 817) either the mother or the child suffer from serious diseases that are dangerous to others (article 37 part 3 of the housing code) and, if the housing is in disrepair or suffered from natural disasters.
To stand in a queue, you need to contact the housing Committee of the district administration to submit a number of documents. You will need passport, birth certificate of children, proof of income, proof of value of an existing property, a certificate of registration for 10 years, an inspection of the house in 5 years, the identity of a single mother, documents on disability or the presence of contagious dangerous diseases.
All available property is included in the total income. The poor are persons who meet the eligibility criteria for your subject of the Russian Federation.
Within one month from the housing Commission received a written response about the play on the turn or refusal.
If the mother or the child are disabled or have a communicable disease, the family will put on favorable turn and show you the apartment after the distribution of the housing stock, when their number turn reduced.
In cases where housing is poor or suffered from natural disasters, the apartment will provide out of turn.
Every year need to be documented that the family is in need and to submit fresh documents. In the case of improving material conditions or their living conditions with the queue for housing will be removed. Also annually required to confirm that the woman has not entered into a formal marriage. In the case of marriage, proof of income is required from the husband and a certificate of the value of his property, as in marriage all the property of the community (article 256 paragraph 1 of the civil code and article 34 paragraph 1 of the RF IC).