You will need
  • - telephone directory;
  • - the decision of the Supervisory authorities of the need to conduct repairs (if the survey was).
  • - a computer with a text editor;
  • - connect to the Internet.
The housing Code provides several equivalent ways of exploitation of residential buildings. This may be a homeowners Association, direct the management or management company. If the house is created TSZH, to learn about the prospects for a major overhaul, you can have his chair. A certain amount of HOA is usually required to ensure that the settlement could apply for participation in regional and Federal programs on major repairs in the terms of joint financing.
In the absence of homeowners need help you can give in the local administration. The management company in this situation plays the role of a contractor, she does not make decisions about major repairs and may not know about it before it is put out to tender. Check with the Secretary of the head of administration of which the Department is engaged in the housing. Depending on the structure of the local authority you may be referred to the Committee on management of municipal property or the division of housing.
Please contact your desired Department with the request. This can be done verbally, but it is better to write a letter, then you can expect a response in 30 days. In the upper right corner of the page, specify to whom you refer, that is, to the head of Department or chair of the Committee. Write the name in the instrumental case, and initials. Below, write down from whom the statement the surname, name, patronymic, address and phone number. Pull back a little and in the middle of the page write the title of the document, that is the appeal. Called describe the problem — necessity of capital repairs of certain systems. Ask them to inform you whether a repair is scheduled and when. Put the date and signature, please print two copies and sign the document. Point it in the desired Department by mail or submit through the Secretary. Ensure that the document has been registered and take the second copy. If there is a conclusion of the Supervisory body of the need to repair systems, attach a copy.
To find out if your home in Federal, regional or local target program of capital repairs, and the office of the local Council. Target programmes on housing repairs, take the representative bodies of local self-government. Contact also better writing. The treatment will ask you to specify what programs will attend your property and on what terms.
Overhaul can be done without any queue. It is necessary to collect General meeting and make an appropriate decision. Notify its decision to the management company. Send the user a copy of the Protocol. Don't forget to check the estimate. If there is both privatized and municipal apartments, should the decision of the municipality, since he is the owner of non-privatized housing, respectively, and pays its share of funding for capital repairs.