Who should be the municipal social housing

To be eligible for a free apartment, citizens must meet prescribed by law conditions:
- inconsistency of the apartment in which people live, social norms, lack of living space, calculated in square meters for each family member;
a small income is insufficient to buy their own homes. The family should be considered poor.

Each region developed its own criteria for housing standards and financial insolvency.

An extraordinary right to housing have children left without parental care, orphans, single mothers, war veterans, invalids of Chernobyl accident, residents who live in old houses and resettle families at the birth of the twins. Also this right is available to citizens with severe chronic illnesses that pose a threat to others (insane).

How to get the status of the poor

To be able to solve the housing problem by the state, it is necessary that the family were officially recognized as poor. For this you will need to collect statutory documents and certificates for social protection of the population.

Poor people are recognized if the income per family member is below the subsistence level. Taken into account also the property subject to taxation: real estate, cars. Only after the family will be assigned a state social benefit, it is possible to prepare documents for registration to improve housing conditions.

When the family is in need of better housing

Under current housing regulations, to qualify for the improvement of living conditions is possible if less than 15 sq. m. total area of residential premises is attributable to each family member. Also need to collect the following documents:

- the statement;
- passport of the applicant;
- identity documents of other family members;
- INN;
- marriage certificate or its dissolution;
- the right of an applicant to benefits and additional living space, confirmed by the corresponding certificates;
- documents which confirm the right of ownership of another residential property owned;

Given the huge number of families that need improvement of housing conditions, the state has also developed a number of social housing programs. These measures help to buy housing with partial subsidization of its cost, thereby reducing social tensions, allows to reduce waiting times, many families have the opportunity to solve the painful housing problem.