When the registration for the apartment find out how you can monitor the progress of priority. You must tell the phone number where you can ask about it; must name the person responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.
Send officials a written request to provide information about your living room. Prepare in two copies, turn in a receipt. We can send mail with mandatory notice of receipt of the request. According to the law, you must send an answer in writing no later than 1 month after receipt of the request.
Find out your number order on a special website of the administration of your city. If you are a member of the Federal program on providing apartments on social hiring or standing in the queue for social loan, go to the official website of the program. Here a special application form. Complete data of the passport of the one who put on the account and specify the program in which you expect the delivery of the apartment. You will be given a number.
On the Internet please contact the information center for the provision of apartments under the contract of social hiring. Locate the region of residence. Should open a page with information on institutions and firms dealing with housing issues. Here are the addresses; phone numbers of the officials and their surnames, names, patronymics.
Open the "window" with the names of the construction companies that are involved in programs for the provision of apartments to citizens in need. There is information on the number of housing under construction in your town, the quantity supplied of apartments. Here is listed the names of the managers of the housing companies and their numbers.
Express in the information center your email address. On it you will receive notifications about the progress of the queue.