The self to do in any case is not worth it! Ringworm is very easy to misspell a skin fungus or allergic. A sure sign of lichen – smooth, perfectly round bald patches. At the first opportunity go to the doctor. If you show the animal to the vet right now is not possible (you are out of town, the clinic is not working, etc.), for prevention, you can wash pet shampoo "Nizoral", tar soap, or a special shampoo for Pets. Extra this procedure will not in any case. Themselves also need to wash their hands some of these tools to avoid infection.
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The doctor will likely prescribe your pet injections which neutralize the damaging effect of depriving and will slowly cause the skin in order. Most often for the treatment of depriving from cats used timized. This is a very strong antibacterial agent with antifungal activity. You will need to put the cat two injections with an interval of 5 days. Even if after the first injection he gets better, we should not forget about the second, otherwise the treatment will not complete, and the disease could resume. Of course, it is better to trust the cat to the hands of a specialist, but if you feel the strength, you can put the shot yourself. Adult animal at a time injected 1.5 - 2 ml at a time, 1-2 month old kittens - 0.5 - 1 ml of kittens to months - 0.5 ml. please Note that this drug is very painful, so it must be administered very firmly and tightly to keep the cat.
уколы от стригучего лишая у кошек
In addition to injection need to treat the skin of the animal. In order to neutralize ringworm, prevent its spread, you can use regular iodine. For the treatment of lichen suitable ointment YAMS and cream "lamisil". To apply them on the affected areas have 2-3 times a day. In order for the treatment proceeded faster and more successfully, it is possible to give the cat vitamins that improve the immune system, they can be purchased in any pet section.
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