Ringworm – a fungal disease. The animal with a good immune system it occurs very rarely, although the fungus may years to be the skin and coat. The body of a healthy cat does not allow the fungus to spread.

How is the infection ringworm

Versicolor, manifested in cats, dangerous for people, if they have a weakened immune system. The fungus spreads by spores that are visible only with a microscope. The cats involved in catching mice, ringworm can occur after a hunt, since rodents are also prone to infection. Spores can be airborne, settle on furniture, walls, floors, linens and clothes. Infected cat does not necessarily come into contact with the media – she could walk on the grass, where he lay infected dog or another cat, or even to RUB on the jacket of the owner.

The diseased animal must be isolated – zoster cannot be output quickly. The person in contact with a cat, it is advisable to protect yourself from infection – it is during contact with the sick animal should wear surgical gloves, Shoe covers and gown. This is especially necessary if you have small children.

Symptoms depriving

Like a cat would look like ringworm, depends on the resilience of its immunity and degree of infection. It can be round bald patches with a scaly surface. Patches may have grayish or yellowish color, sometimes they itch, and the cat begins to comb their claws. The outward signs of depriving animals – areas with the "broken" hairs, which are gradually expanding. Ringworm in cats is manifested in different ways – it may indicate small spots on ears and muzzle, or large areas without hair. Therefore, owners should be wary at the sight of any bald areas.

There are cases when an infected animal the disease does not develop – just bald elbows. But to go to the vet is still required – if the immunity will fall slightly, immediately, the fungus will spread to the sides, forming bald spots. It should be borne in mind that disputes will crumble, even with very small sections.

If with the external sign of the disease all clear, others harder to recognize. A healthy cat may not even respond to an infection. Some animals may itch more intensely than usual, in others the skin may be irritated, covered with pimples or nodules.

A trip to the vet in any case, the mandatory – only he is able to make an accurate diagnosis. Signs of lichen resemble other skin diseases, and to postpone the visit to the doctor is simply unreasonable.