Neatly and securely lock the cat with the help of the assistant. In the case of injury of a limb has the sense to put her on her back. To capture an animal by the scruff, and each pair of legs "in the castle." Particularly violent or scared animal can swaddle in a towel or blanket, leaving only access to the affected area.
чем можно кошке оброботать рану в домашних условиях
Inspect the wound. It can be fresh or old. In the first case, it may ooze blood or pus stand out. Chronic wounds are characterized by inflammation, traces of pus or scab.
каклечитьраны у кота
The hair around the wound wastegate with sharp scissors. Also the area around the wound may be lubricated with a neutral cream or vaseline. All this is necessary to ensure that the hair does not get in the wound. A fresh cut or scratch should be washed with hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine. Gently with a cotton swab to wipe the wounds all the dirt and wool.
Как обрабатывать рану после кастрации кота
Treat the wound with antiseptic spray. Veterinarians use Terramycin", it is freely sold in vetapteka. But you can use any other medical analogue of this drug. Shallow scratches are just grease paint.
куриный лишай кошек чем лечить
If the blood of the cat has a bright red color and comes with shocks, it is likely that she has damaged the artery. In this case, it is recommended to use a tourniquet above the wound and immediately contact your veterinarian.
как определить лишай у кошки
Chronic wounds with signs of inflammation or pus treated with an antibiotic ointment, such as "Mitogenome". Apply ointment on a gauze pad, apply to the wound and bandage. The bandage needs to be changed every day until the inflammation passes.