You will need
  • Herbal teas, relieving itching, strong brewed black tea, allergies.
Find out the cause of dermatitis, it can be done by a veterinarian. He will prescribe a suitable for your animal's treatment. The doctor will need to talk about what you feed your cat, about the specifics of her life – if the dermatitis caused Allergy in cats, the doctor will try to find out the cause.
A very common cause of dermatitis in cats are food Allergy or an Allergy to the saliva of fleas. If the animal is allergic to fleas, even one insect bite will cause itching and scratching on it. Guide the treatment of the animal from parasites to apply the remedy for fleas, let cure worms.
почему у кошек выпадает шерсть
First, you need to eliminate the causes of dermatitis and at the same time to start the treatment of its manifestations. To eliminate itching will help all kinds of means from allergies, to assign them yourself is not necessary – consult your veterinarian. You can use various homeopathic remedies, but if the problem persists after a few days, contact your doctor. To relieve itching and eliminate sores will help external resources is a soothing and healing ointment, strong brewed and cooled black tea, herbal teas. Apply soaked in this infusion a rag to the sore on the body of the animal three or four times a day.
Какие витамины давать кошке
Thoroughly comb the hair of the animal. If the matted wool – it also gives the cat's discomfort. Under such comfortable wool mites, fleas and also bacteria grow quickly. Do not let the cat lick constantly harassing her, distract her. Animals are so diligently licking scratching that does not allow them to heal.
как вылечить дерматит у собак малых пород
If you see that the animal is suffering, don't delay a visit to the vet is the cause of the dermatitis may be not the one you think, and before treatment is necessary to hear the opinion of a specialist.
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