Advice 1: How to identify the disease cats

Not always a disease of cats can be recognized at first sight. Sometimes the animal seems healthy, but a loving owner notices changes in the behavior of the pet and begins to sound the alarm. To download once nothing the vet, calling him for every little thing, it's easier to learn to identify the signs of cat illness on their own.
How to identify the disease cats
Note the appearance of a cat. Dry and hot nose is not the only symptom of the disease of the animal. If your pet is unhealthy, it will likely fade and will puff up fur, reduced mobility, abruptly lost appetite and interest to everything. It should be wary and in the case when outgoing and playful home favorite suddenly starts most of the time spend in a closed and dark space such as in a closet or under the bed.
Observe the secretions of cats within a few days. The reason for going to the doctor must be constipation or diarrhea, blood in the stool, too dark or too light color feces. With the genitourinary system may signal disorders: urinary incontinence, crying animal when urinating, refusing to go to the usual place (if you visit the pan associated with pain and discomfort).
Conduct an independent inspection of the cat. Take her up, put her onto his lap, paws up, and gently touch the stomach. If it is swollen or hard, and your touch is clearly cause an animal pain, then the patient has problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Swipe your fingers across the skin surface: if there are any under the coat of ulcers, tumors and growths. Look cat in the eyes and ears: in a healthy animal, they should be clean, without purulent discharge. Open the cat's mouth: plaque and ulcers on the tongue, pungent odour indicate disease.
Weigh the cat, if you feel that she's drastically lost weight or gained. Locate the line of the pulse on the inner thigh and count it. If the result is above 120 beats per minute, perhaps the animal has a fever. You can check this by using an electronic thermometer, lubricate the tip with vaseline and typing for a few minutes in the anus under the tail of the animal. However, be prepared for the fact that the cat may not allow the owner to make her such manipulation.
Call the vet and list all the symptoms you found. Doctors sometimes give advice over the phone. But if you say that needs a personal inspection, without delay, bring the cat to the reception or call the vet at home.

Advice 2: Why not pull the cat by the tail

A cat's tail is very attractive for young children and older bullies. Experienced people warn you about unpleasant consequences of treatment of animals. It is necessary to understand why not to pull the cat's tail.
Why not pull the cat by the tail

The tail and the health of the cat

Cats are very nervous when people are touching their tails. Usually it is allowed to do only owners. From the usual stroking of the cat's tail is nothing wrong with the animal is not going to happen. But to dramatically yank this sensitive organ is not necessary.

In the cat tail is very many nerve endings. And no wonder, because the tail is nothing but a continuation of the spine. In cats, unlike dogs, this part of the spine rather weak and painful. A sharp yanking the cat's tail could easily damage the spine, in this case the animal will remain paralyzed.

The spine of the cat is closely linked with the intestines, which can also be damaged in the injury of the tail. This confirms the old wisdom "don't pull the cat's tail will go to the toilet anywhere!". And, of course, the cat with the injured tail be sure to show the veterinarian and strictly follow all his instructions for treatment.

The importance of the tail of the cat

Balancing the tail for the cat has a huge significance. There are plenty of tailless and short-tailed breeds of cat. Of course, the tail helps the cat to climb trees, jump and stay up. A large and significant role of the tail can be seen in slow motion to drop the cat from a height. But the cats of the Isle of man excellent job with the alignment in the air, and without this process of the spine.

It is believed that with the help of the tail cat Express their feelings and emotions. A high-up tail - a sort of greeting to the owner when the cat comes out to meet him. If furry pet abruptly jerks his tail from side to side, it is a sign of anxiety and nervous condition. In such moments it is better not to anger the cat and leave her alone. Even more worrying sign, saying it is ready to attack is a long flapping tail.

When people carelessly treat your pet and its tail, it can damage the organ of communication. In this case, the set of signals is significantly reduced, the cat lost the ability to tell you about their feelings and problems! The animal is oppressed by the impossibility to use all the features of the tail.

Let's carefully and sensitively relate to their Pets, to explain to children from an early age the importance of kindness and love to our younger brothers. Let the child grows from infancy is reasonable and humane. No need to pull the cat's tail, better to cuddle her and give treat.

Advice 3: How to determine the character of a cat in color

According to research scientists from gemanii, cats can be divided into several types with their inherent qualities of character. Knowing them, you will be able to predict who will grow your kitten, how he fit the character of you and your family members.

How to determine the character of a cat in color

The nature of cats in color

Docile and gentle nature of the different kittens are black in color. They are obedient and sensitive, feel the mood of the people, love affection. Black kitten will be very glad to communicate with you. If you respond back he will love you and become attached to you. In addition, black kittens are pretty easy to get along with children. The most obedient are the black cats. But cats of this color the more wayward, although there are exceptions.

Black cats also have a high sensitivity to your them treatment. If you're strict, the kitten will be nervous, retires into its shell, fearing to do something wrong that will cause you displeasure. And therefore try to be lenient to the antics of a black kitten, to show him tenderness and affection.

As for the gray and striped cats, they do not have such a docile and good-natured and docile nature. Kittens of this coloration is often characterized by intolerance, secretive and closed nature.

If you decide to have a grey kitten, do not be surprised that he will avoid your society and maybe communicate with you. These kittens cherish their freedom and independence. Cats grey more suited to people who are very busy at work and can't spend with your pet a lot of time. This combination in your relationship with the cat will be complete harmony.

According to research by German scientists, the most intelligent and cunning are kittens red color. Most often cats are exactly the kind of colors choose for training. Red kittens may differ obedience, sometimes bordering on sycophancy.

But be warned, this is usually a cunning plan this kitten in the case when he wants you to do or felt guilty. Therefore, if your pet affectionately rubs against your legs, implicitly listens to you, check to see whether there is puddle in the hallway or empty cat bowl for food. In addition, red kittens are well feel your mood. If you sagrestia, they will try to cheer you.

White cats can be overly touchy. In addition, it is believed that they are prone to illnesses - for example, these cats often have issues with hearing. These kittens can be capricious and offended like little children. However, white cats are very affectionate to its owner.

Nature multicolor kittens, you can determine the predominant color in their coloring. It is assumed that 2-colored kittens like to have fun and play, but 3-colored – loving and flexible.

Whether to choose a cat by its color?

In ancient times, people often chose cats of color, as it was believed that a certain color you have to home". For example, in one family get along well black cat, but the redhead in this house to be uncomfortable. And there is some truth to it - sometimes cats, for various reasons, do not survive from their owners, sick or run.

However, the character of a cat largely depends on the attitude to it, but because you love your pet and never hurt. Then they will answer you with love and devotion.

Advice 4: How to cure dehydration in cats

Water for animals is also important and necessary for humans. Its lack can cause serious diseases. Water carries nutrients throughout the body, washes the cells, regulates body temperature.
How to cure dehydration in cats
The animal body consists of 90% water. And the loss of 10% pet may feel discomfort. Cats drink water to compensate for its loss in the process of respiration, urinary output. In a number of diseases (diabetes, kidney disease) the supply of life-giving water is not fully recovered. The same is the situation with diarrhea, vomiting and in contact with a bacterial infection in the body. When temperature rises, water evaporates faster and becoming dehydrated.
A symptom of the disease is saliva, sticky gums, dropping his eyes, loss of skin elasticity. If these symptoms occur, then the animal should immediately show the vet. The doctor will first examine the cat. Check the skin, mucous membranes and determine the degree of dehydration. To identify the clinical picture will need biochemical analysis of blood. It will help to identify the disease and determine the status of internal systems. Sometimes blood test is not sufficient for diagnosis, in this case, carry out ultrasound and x-ray.
To restore the normal water balance the doctors injected intravenously or under the skin a large amount of saline. The amount and method of administration depends on the degree of dehydration. In severe cases, the pet is left in the hospital to provide daily medical support. Loss of water can lead to death of the animal.
Vomiting and diarrhea are the most common causes of dehydration, they need as soon as possible. This will help homeopathic medicines that are diluted in water. Animal should be forced to drink the medicine until, until it becomes easier.
After the treatment it is needed carefully to follow the diet of your pet. It is best to exclude from a diet of dry food. When injected into the stomach, they pull a large amount of fluid to digest. During this period, more appropriate liquid mixture. Cats drink much less frequently than dogs. And the food for them - the main source of water. If the pet refuses to eat, then you need to make and apply different tricks. Eating better a little warm, then it will be more fragrant that will surely attract cat. If the animal drinks a little, then in a Cup of water to pour a little chicken broth.
If the cat refuses to drink a medicine, it can be put into his mouth with a syringe or pipette.
Useful advice
If the cat drinks little, you can give her ice cubes. Animals love crunchy ice and enjoy his bite.

Advice 5: How to identify ringworm in the cat

Cutting shingles is a fairly serious disease caused by a fungus. In cats, it most often affects the skin and go away on their own even without the use of drugs. However, to treat an animal is still needed, especially because of the risk of human infection. How to identify the ringworm from a cat?
How to identify ringworm in the cat
Observe the behavior of your pet, especially if it happens on the street. Itching may be the first sign of incipient disease. When lichen usually in cats itchy ears. If your pet gets sick often and he has low immunity, the probability of infection by the fungus by depriving it above.
Carefully inspect the hair of a cat, focusing on the head, ears and tail. A classic symptom of ringworm is a small round spot devoid of hair. The skin in these areas may experience redness, flakes, blisters and ulcers. Over time, the lesions of lichen can grow. Sometimes the affected areas cross the snout of the animal, and can be confused with manifestations of other skin diseases. In some cases, ringworm can cover the entire body, the skin becomes greasy, crusty and scaly. Deformed and incorrectly growing the claws is another sign of defeat fungal disease.
Sign up for a diagnosis at the vet. Examination of fluorescent wood's lamp can identify some species of fungi and lichen - rays they fluoresce. However, this method is not reliable enough – some species of Microsporum canis do not respond to this lamp, and Trichophyton mentagrophytes never glow. And if the survey will reveal the presence of fungal spores, keep in mind – the animal is not necessarily painful.
Another way to identify ringworm in cats is to explore the hair on the edges of the affected areas. To identify the disease by this method is approximately half of the cases.
The most reliable way to diagnose ringworm – seeding fungal culture. To do this, use the scraping from the patient's skin. The sample is placed in a special solution developed for identification of spores of lichen.
Useful advice
If your pet is sick, limit contact with family members, especially with children. Carefully observe rules of personal hygiene, and if signs of depriving consult a dermatologist.
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