You will need
  • - "Griseofulvin"
  • "Intrakonazol"
  • - "Terbinafine"
  • sulphur lime
Despite the fact that to diagnose ringworm, and independently, from professional assistance you should not refuse in any case. Often this disease is the cause of blindness animals and their painful deaths.
The most common and effective method of treatment of ringworm in cats is aware of impact on affected skin special antifungals. Most often used medical ointments and lotions, which need massaging movements RUB into the skin.
Before using the ointments the hair around the affected area of skin carefully cut out or even shave if necessary. This procedure is necessary to ensure maximum contact of the drug with a fungus, causing itching and pain in the animal.
Ringworm can be cured with the help of special baths with sulphurous lime. The procedure should be implemented at least once a day. In a small bowl, dissolve half a teaspoon of the drug, and then thoroughly rinse the hair of the animal. Lime sulfur available in the market in virtually every pharmacy. You can replace it with sulfuric ointment.
Please note that the treatment of ringworm in cats is a complex process, which lasts, as a rule, not less than 30 days. Efficacy depends on the immune system of the animal, so the owner should pay attention to the diet of a sick pet. The cat needs to get enough vitamins and minerals.
If the disease develops rapidly, and the ointment does not facilitate the status of the cat, the veterinarian prescribed a course of treatment with a special injection. The most effective way of getting rid of ringworm is considered to be a complex effect on the animal body General and local therapy. In this case, ointments combined with tablets drugs, medicated baths and injections.
In the selection of drugs for the treatment of ringworm in cats pay attention to the composition of mixtures and tablets. Experts note that the most effective fighters against such infection are sulphur components, creolin and tar. In pure form these substances should be used with great caution. In contact with mucous membranes, they can cause severe irritation or cause poisoning of your pet.
To antifungal ointments that can cure the animal from ringworm include "Griseofulvin", "Intrakonazol" and "Terbinafine". However these drugs it is better to start to use only after consultation with a specialist.