On the Internet you can find a large number of online services that offer "punching" the car VIN-code. To check car from North America, you can contact as on the English site and www.autocheck.comand Russian counterparts, are using to check the original database:, etc. to obtain information on the vehicle produced in other parts of the world, use sites, and others.
Usually free and you can check the car for theft and to obtain the following information: make and model, year and country of manufacture, body type and engine. Paying a small amount (90 rubles), you can get information about the configuration, run, participate in accident and other important information. In addition, note that detailed and comprehensive information is not available for all models of cars.
To check car VIN and via SMS. Service offers to get all the information about the car by sending an SMS with the code word. Full information on the service and its cost is available on the website