With the tremendous growth of the loans to buy a car due to the increase in fraud. Particularly unscrupulous people offer cars that are made in the loan and in the collateral as the Bank when the loan is not repaid. And after some time to a new owner come the staff of the Bank and need to repay. Often the buyer of such a visit is becoming quite an unpleasant surprise. That is why we must carefully before you purchase to check the car on the availability of credit.
To important signs that the car is pledged, the documents date, price and the behavior of sellers. In the first place, cause for concern should be that the cost of the machine will be 10-15 percent below the average of the cost of other similar models. Besides, it will have low mileage. And in PTS, you need to search for instructions that issued it again. If the car is still "young", that is, he literally 1-2 years, should be wary of duplicate. And this is due to the fact that a credit institution takes possession of the original title until full repayment of the debt. And the crooks are left with no choice but to apply to the traffic police about the loss of the document and the request to issue a duplicate.
In addition, it is important to examine the configuration of the car. As a rule, there should be only installed at the factory during Assembly of the machine. Parts that usually put "me" b/a loan car, probably will not.
Another way to find out is the car as collateral – check for it in the Central catalogue of credit histories. You have provided such information, it is necessary to know the passport data of the owner of the machine. Enough detailed information you receive, but know that you are really interested in. Namely, is there a current loan on this person, the collateral which is the car offered. Keep in mind that to obtain such information free of charge once a year.
Another option is to visit with the owner of the authorized dealership. And is already in place to get more information on the subject of whether the car is purchased on credit, its first owner.