Will pay cash at the office of the company. The easiest and most reliable way to pay the intercomand go to the office of the management company with the receipt and pay the money on the spot. 'Offices are usually written in the receipt itself, so to find them, most likely, will not be easy.
Pay the bill using a special terminal. In some terminals, designed to replenish the personal account of cell phones, it is possible to pay the intercom. Select the terminal company, which serves you, and pay for her services. The truth will have to overpay a little for the use of the terminal (the fee is usually from 3 to 10% of the total). But the terminals are usually located near the house or in stores where you are much more often than in the office that supports your intercom.
Pay the account with Sberbank. Hand and payment terminal of any branch of the savings Bank of the Russian Federation on the notice-receipts accept payments over the intercom. Besides, in Sberbank can be paid and other utility services.You can also pay the intercom via other banks, in each of which you can clarify whether they accept such payments.
Use the payment entry phoneand via the Internet. To pay for the services of the company to provide you intercom system is possible via Internet banking. You can also buy a special card. There are, of course, not every company, but if you are lucky, you will be able to pay the intercomfrom the comfort of home.
Subtract the payment services intercomand salaries. It all depends on where you work. Some companies deduct from their employees payment of utility services, including payment services, intercom. If you have such possibility – please contact the accounting Department or to the supervisor. Thus, you will save time to pay for all these services.