Print at the top of the list "Payment order". Next, specify its serial number. If you have a ready form for the payment order, the expert of the savings Bank itself will put its serial number after you will give him the completed form. The sample instructions can print from the official site of the savings Bank or to the offices.
Note the date of the payment order, which will be the time designated to activate this payment (as a rule, this period can be up to 10 days).
Specify the type of payment. Mainly spell the word "electronic". Then enter the amount. First fill it a numeric value, and then in brackets fully describe it.
Complete the main part of the payment document. It should contain all necessary details of the sender and recipient a specified sum of money. Enter the following information: company name, CAT, INN, BIC and Bank name, current and correspondent accounts. In this note the details of each of the parties in the designated field.
Specify the order of payment, which must be defined according to the Civil code of the Russian Federation. As a rule, figure 6, which indicates that the payment is to be made in accordance with a calendar queue.
Select the type of operation. It is not necessary to change, it's the numbers 01, which means the corresponding code, has the payment order.
Describe the purpose of the payment (list the name of the goods or services, check their numbers, date of agreement, or other document).
Give the completed payment order to the authorized persons for signing ( Sberbank).
Make the necessary amount of funds through the operating cash Desk of Sberbank. After payment you'll run a check on your payment order.