You will need
  • - cash;
  • card of the savings Bank;
  • mobile phone;
  • - computer with Internet access.
To pay the rent, come in working days at any branch of Sberbank. Perform a transfer of funds to the account of the management company through the representative. For this, give him a receipt and confirm the amount shown on the invoice or another (depending on circumstances). Then transfer the money and get the paper back together with the payment receipt.
You can make the payment for your living room through the ATMs of the savings Bank. In this case, you will need a Bank card the financial institution. After the conclusion with Bank universal banking services agreement will receive the card "Maestro Momentum". Moreover, the balance of this card you will be able to replenish their own, using any ATM equipped with a bill acceptor.
If you prefer to pay cash, then take advantage of a payment terminal. The scheme of cash payment the same as when paying by card. In the menu on the device screen select the "payment services", then "utilities". Bring the receipt to the bar code reader (in this case, the data will be filled in automatically) or enter the service code (it is listed on the receipt) in the appropriate box, and then specify the desired amount. Complete the payment. Then log out and wait for when the machine will issue a receipt which is proof of payment made.
A receipt can be paid via the Internet using Sberbank Online. To do this, you should have a map in the office and connected service "Mobile Bank". In addition, we will need the user ID, password and one time password. Get them via mobile phone or through self-service devices Sberbank (the ATM terminal). Only after that you will be able to pay rentfrom the comfort of home.