The most common method of payment for housing and utility services through a Bank. Most citizens prefer this method of payment as it is quite clear and reliable. To a considerable inconvenience of such payment can be attributed the endless queues and charge a fee of up to 2% on certain types of payments.
More convenient way is paying utility bills through the terminal. Almost every store and the underpass are the machines installed, through which you can make the necessary payment without spending a lot of time. This requires a certain window to make payee code and desired amount. Very often the terminals charge a Commission of 5% for the use of this service. Also do not forget that the machine does not give the date, and the extra money will go to paying for future months. As a confirmation that payment for utility services was carried out, be sure to take the check.
Lately very popular is the payment of various services, including utilities, through the Internet. As a rule, many companies do the calculations, make contracts, and transfer money through electronic communication. Enough to register in the system of electronic payments and opened a personal account, to be able to pay utility bills through the computer, previously having enlisted at the expense of funds using prepaid cards. The undeniable advantage of this method of payment is the ability to make a payment at any time of the day without leaving the sofa.
To pay for communal services through postal services. The Commission is not charged here, but awkward moment is a long transfer money to the account. Mail of Russia is constantly working to improve the quality of customer service. And also has a fairly wide network of branches that allows you to accept payments even in the distant settlements of the country.