There are several operational methods of payment of utility bills, but the majority of payers interested in saving their own funds. Until recently, to pay bills, many used cash in banks, as well as services of post offices. But these options currently almost irrelevant, because they imply the necessity of making the Commission, the amount of which may be established in a fixed amount or as a percentage of the enumerated funds. Banks intensively transferred customers to self-service using remote banking systems, so that these payment methods are currently the cheapest.

How to pay bills in the Internet Bank

To use the functionality of the Internet Bank any citizen to open an account or purchase card product in the relevant credit institution. The vast majority of banks provide services of remote service for free, but please ask about the cost of self-payment in favor of suppliers of public services.

If such payments do not pay Commission, we can safely begin to use this feature. To hold any payment in the personal Cabinet of the Internet Bank simply because many credit organisations work with the utility providers. Users simply select the appropriate company from the list of payees, and then enter the amount of the transferred funds and confirm the payment. If the company is among the Bank's partners is missing, you can make a payment for free details, and the details are received on accounts for the apartment.

How to pay bills for the apartment in the terminals and payment systems

An acceptable alternative to remote credit service organizations are some payment systems and terminals. If you are using terminals (e.g. Qiwi or Eleksnet") you can also choose the utility service provider and make cash, but in most cases the user will be charged the Commission. With the need to pay the fee also connected to almost all other ways associated with cash payment in cash to credit institutions, money transfer systems, and post offices.