Find out the Bank that has issued your credit card, the conditions of admission of payment of utility bills via ATM. Many banks will accept such payments without a fee. If it in any Bank there, the percentage is quite insignificant, less than 1%. If this is not critical, choose to pay the ATM of any Bank, which is located nearby and which accepts utility payments.
Proceed in the standard way: insert the card and enter your pin. In ATMs of any Bank the sequence of actions will be the same. After clicking "Next" you will see on the main screen. Choose the item "Payment for services" and go to the next page.
Press the key next to "Utilities" in the window "bill Number" enter the code of the payer of the single payment document. Then in the new window, re-enter the code in the "payer ID" field the "Payment period" - month payment in the "payment Amount" - the amount specified in the receipt. Confirm that you entered the correct information and click "Pay".
If you pay some receipts, click "Yes" to the question "Want to run another query?". In that case, if you refuse, don't forget to wait and get a receipt – a document confirming operation.