Waxy build-result from picking at the ear unhygienic foreign objects, but also due to various inflammatory processes that are associated with the blowing or freezing ears. The color of cerumen may vary from yellow to dark brown, the structure is isolated, rocky, dense and soft.

Premature detection of stale earwax

How to detect sulfuric plugs in ears, and to prevent their further development? What are the symptoms and signs of unpleasant physiological effect? Sick a long time may not notice the presence of his cerumen. Sometimes he feels a sense of congestion, noise in the ear. Most often, the hearing does not fall, this happens only when the sulfur fills the whole ear canal, starting from the outside.

Cerumen removal alone

First try to soften the tube. Just remember that in this disease is to warm the ear is impossible. You need to take an eyedropper with hydrogen peroxide and drip the contents into the affected ear.
Peroxide will hiss and stand out as a white foam.

Tilt your head so that the liquid with pieces of sulfur were free to emerge. Two minutes later clean the ear with a cotton swab. This procedure is best done during the week, during this time, you will get rid of the ear plugs.

If after washing your head starts to hurt, stop treatment and immediately consult a doctor for medical intervention. Doctor using special instruments professionally cleaned ear.

Remove the tube and possibly with the help of home washing. You need dissolve one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. This solution rinse the ear for two days, and the third bury it in hydrogen peroxide. Head is turn back and sideways.

Before this procedure it is necessary to make the ear canal accessible. To do this, pull your ear, and then using pasikurowice syringe without the needle direct the flow of cooled boiled water. The liquid should be poured from the ear along with the remnants of sulfur. The final step in this procedure is the instillation of boric alcohol.

To get rid of cerumen on your own and with the help of special tools, sold in any drugstore, such as ear candles. Methods of getting rid of this trouble a lot from which to choose a suitable and most secure option.