The easiest way to remove tubes in the ears at home you can use three percent hydrogen peroxide. Just type it in a small amount in the dropper and drip into clogged ear, his head tilted in the opposite direction. After this place the cotton swab and soak for 5-10 minutes on the opposite side. Now release the ear from fluid, making a few blunders, jump in place or slightly shaking his head. In some cases, the tube is softened already at the first time and is easily removed with a cotton swab. If not, repeat the procedure a few hours, but not more than 2-3 times per day.
To extract the sulfuric stopper from an ear is possible by washing with a stream of warm water from the enema or syringe. Usually it takes several injections to be repeated several times a day. Instead of water try to get the freshly brewed chamomile tea or other plants that are recommended when washing. Also dissolves waxy build-soda solution (teaspoon of baking soda per Cup of water). Do not forget to use cotton swabs.
You can use the special safe medicines that help to get rid of the ear plugs themselves. The most popular tools that are sold without prescription in pharmacies are "cerumen And" and "Remo-Vaks". Carefully read the instructions to the drugs and apply in a strictly specified mode. Please note that to avoid such treatment should people with colds and inflammatory diseases of the ear.
In order to release accumulated in the ear sulphur, apply additional procedures. For example, a hot shower or bath, and heated to the ears of incandescent lamp allow for better softening of the formed tube. Also periodically do special massage, rubbing of the ear lobe and shell, as well as moving them in different directions.
If none of the methods have not had the desired impact, make an appointment with the audiologist (Laura), which will help to remove the tubes in the ears by using a special flushing syringe. This process may be slightly unpleasant, but in almost all cases, completely clears the ears from sulphur clusters.