Which leads to congestion in the ears?

Congestion in the ears is a hearing impaired, mute your voice, ambient sounds, and pain in the head. As a rule, the reason for this phenomenon is the difference between the level of air pressure in the middle ear and atmospheric pressure.

The most common reasons for which your ears are:
inflammation of the Eustachian tube;
- the acute form of otitis media;
- the formation of cerumen in the ear;
- foreign body;
- pathology of the nasal septum;
- rhinitis;
- long-term use of certain drugs;
- swelling of the ear canal.
Swelling occurs during deep dives, at the takeoff or landing of the aircraft.

Ways to eliminate congestion in the ears

Congestion diagnose an audiologist during a patient examination and conduct basic tests: audiogram and tympanometry. After diagnosis require compulsory treatment to the disease did not hit other organs. In the absence of treatment, the person may completely lose their hearing function.

If the ears during air travel, the treatment consists of cleansing nasal passages and using drops for the nose. After that, the human condition is normalized and unpleasant symptoms are removed.

When injected into the ear canals of water or other fluid, carefully clean the canals with a cotton swab. In any case it is impossible to push the stick deeply, as this may damage the eardrum.

If nasal congestion is the result of a deviated nasal septum, to get rid of it surgically. Correction of the shape of the partition leads to the elimination of congestion in the ears.

Inflammatory processes disrupt auditory function. In this case, the specialist prescribes ear drops, adding to the warming treatment with blue light. It is important to remember that when inflammation of the skin in the external auditory canal with warm compresses and heat treatments are absolutely contraindicated, as the state deteriorates significantly. As treatment photodynamic therapy that exerts bactericidal and fungicidal action on the affected organ.

Colds to relieve you, if you follow the recommendations:
- rinse the sinuses with a sea salt solution: 1 teaspoon of salt per Cup of boiled water;
- drop in each nostril 1-2 drops decongestants.
Temporarily relieve helps a deep yawn or chewing gum.

If the congestion does not go a long time, it is advisable to consult a specialist, as self-medication without consulting a doctor may lead to adverse consequences.