What kinds of diseases could deteriorate the hearing

In most cases, the ear can not hear due to complications after a series of infectious diseases such as influenza, scarlet fever, measles. Often hearing loss occurs on the background of rhinitis, sinusitis and other diseases that cause swelling of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx. This edema can spread to the area of the middle ear. After recovery, the swelling disappears and the hearing is quickly restored.

The ear may be difficult to hear in the aftermath of traumatic brain injury, and also due to the emergence of tumors in the brain. In these cases, it is mandatory to treat the underlying disease and correction of hearing problem is not ENT doctor and neurologist.

Hearing can deteriorate as a result of otitis media (ear infections). This requires emergency treatment, since the transition of the disease into the chronic stage can lead to irreversible hearing loss. Hearing loss can also be caused by the use of certain antibiotics.
Especially characteristic are the side effects of streptomycin and gentamicin.

Finally, the ear may be difficult to hear due to the inflammation of the auditory nerve. In this case, the hearing loss is accompanied by a sensation of noise ringing in the ears.

If a person also dizzy, have difficulty maintaining balance, then, we are talking about acute neuritis of the auditory nerve. To preserve hearing, required immediate hospitalization and intensive treatment.
Otherwise, for a few days (and sometimes a few hours) can develop a complete deafness.

Loud sounds and hearing

All people who work or Hobbies, regularly carry large noise pollution – potential customers otolaryngologist. It is primarily workers in forging shops, airport staff, professional musicians, military personnel, inhabitants of houses standing along the busiest highways, etc. the risk groups are also fans of loud music, especially those who listen to it with headphones.

Finally, the hearing can deteriorate due to cerumen – sulfur clusters, particles of epithelium and secretion of the sebaceous glands in the ear canal. In this case, the tube should be removed in a medical facility, for example, by rinsing the ear canal with warm water or with a solution furatsilina of a special syringe. In pharmacy item you can purchase vitovec, but still this procedure is best left to professionals.