Why lays the ear?

For physical reasons that can cause stuffy ears include a sharp pressure drop. This happens when flying in the air, riding the rides, in the Elevator, etc. while bathing in the ear enters the water, which negatively affects the human condition.

Physiological causes will require a more serious treatment. These include:
- the formation of cerumen;
- colds;
- poor hygiene of the ears and others.

How to get rid of ear congestion?

Do not panic when hearing loss and discomfort occurs. It is first necessary to determine the cause, as this determines the method of treatment.

If the reason for the congestion was the difference in atmospheric pressure, you need some time to take a deep breath or to yawn widely. As a rule, the unpleasant feelings quickly pass.

When injected into the ears of water, it is recommended to tilt the head in the appropriate direction and shake her slightly, allowing the water to flow independently. You can also remove the moisture using cotton swabs, observing accuracy.

In the formation of cerumen is not necessary to remove it at home, as it increases the risk of complications. It is advisable to seek the assistance of the otolaryngologist which special tools will remove the condensed sulfur. In house conditions it is possible to soften the sulfur mass, then it would be easier to leave the ear canal alone.

Colds often produce complications on the ears. Prolonged runny nose mucus gets into the ear canals, causing congestion. To get rid of this at home you can use the following folk remedies:
- place the ears in a solution of baking soda (1 tsp in a glass of warm water);
- insert into the ear canal of a crumpled sheet of geranium or soaked in made on the basis of this plant oil with a cotton swab;
- at night you can lay the ear with a swab dipped in honey;
- helps the mixture of onion juice and alcohol in the ratio of 4:1;
- compress with warm vegetable oil.

If simple and available tools do not give a visible improvement immediately consult a doctor. Running stuffy ears fairly quickly turns into a serious disease associated with hearing impairment and brain damage. It is wiser to play it safe and get qualified treatment, depending on the cause and severity of the disease.